CoreChoice Announces Comprehensive Network Agreement with Alacura for Medical Air Transport Services

BOCA RATON, FL (November 2, 2016) – CoreChoice, the national specialty network for radiology and interventional pain management services, is pleased to announce the addition of the new specialty network service for medical air transportation in a comprehensive agreement signed with Alacura, the nation’s first comprehensive medical transportation benefits management (MTBM) company.

This agreement will provide for both a prospective scheduling model whereby CoreChoice clients will be able to schedule medical air transport service for both rotary and fixed wing airline services, as well as associated ground services on a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year basis and at a significant discount as well as a retrospective model which will resolve bills for flights that have already taken place. The program is available for both national and international services.

The CoreChoice – Alacura agreement will primarily service the group health and workers’ compensation insurance sectors.

Dr. Steven Gass, CEO of CoreChoice, states, “The addition of this service will greatly assist both insurance carriers and patients where medical air transport is necessary so that treatment that may not be readily available at one location can be quickly and safely provided at another location, and within cost parameters of the patient’s medical coverage. It should be of great help to medical insurance case managers as they will now have a service that is reliable and expeditious. Alacura is the ‘easy button’ and one call solution.”

“Medical transportation is extremely expensive and fragmented but does not have to be,” said David Boone, Alacura’s CEO. “Alacura provides expert management of transportation services to improve the medical transportation experience for patients, streamline coordination and services for health plans and transportation providers, while reducing costs. We make it easy for the patient, their family, the case managers, and the sending and receiving facilities. As the leading MTBM, Alacura coordinates the determination of benefits, eligibility and medical necessity for the patient; orchestrates the end-to-end logistics of the transportation through its network of highly credentialed providers; and manages the claim process, all while improving the member experience and reducing the cost of the transportation.

About CoreChoice, Inc.

CoreChoice, Inc. is the only specialty network for radiology and interventional pain management whose mission is to reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of functions of health insurance, delivery of care, and administration, including our noteworthy specialty network Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) program that is customized for each client’s needs. CoreChoice services the commercial group health, workers’ compensation, and auto liability insurance sectors. Our clients include cost management companies, PPO network groups, third party administrators (TPA), self-insured entities, employer groups, and government organizations. More information is available at or by calling 561-756-9110.

About Alacura, Inc.

Alacura is the first and only medical transportation benefits management company dedicated to simplifying bedside-to-bedside non-emergent medical transportation for patients. Alacura manages the nation’s largest fixed-wing transportation provider network ready to help patients 24/7/365 with one-call-does-it-all convenient, personal service. Alacura seeks to improve financial, operational, and clinical performance for healthcare payers and administrators, their member patients, and transportation providers. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Chris Cooney
Alacura Spokesperson